by Suzanne Grosser

Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT, attacks the negative emotions of post traumatic stress. It involves focusing on a negative emotion and then sequentially tapping a series of acupuncture points on your body. Tapping can be done to you by a practitioner or it can be self administered. When you complete the sequence, the emotion should be gone. Or at least substantially less troublesome.

How will it help PTSD? Some theories are:

It realigns your energy field.

It clears blocks in your acupuncture meridians.

It distracts you from your problems.

It gives you a feeling of control over those uncontrollable emotions. It is probably a little of all of those. But the real question is:

Does it work?

Some people consider EFT their salvation. Others decry it as pseudoscience that preys upon desperate people. I saw no evidence on either side that was enough to convince me. So I conducted my own, highly unscientific experiment with a study group that was way too small to be significant. In other words, my husband and I tried it. We watched this short EFT video and followed along, tapping away.

Our conclusion: Inconclusive.

I got nothing out of it. I felt like I was playing a memory or coordination game, following the steps. To be fair, I was feeling pretty good when we started, so I didn’t have a lot of negativity to release.

My husband did experience a marked improvement. His mood improved and stayed that way for most of the day.

So my advice? Try it for yourself. Here is a longer video which explains the process in more detail. It’s free. If it works for you, you can go to the website and buy the advertised DVD set, or find a local practitioner, or just go back and follow along with the video again.

Like any other PTSD therapy, it will probably work better in conjunction with other treatments, especially talk therapy. If tapping does not work for you, try something else. There are a lot of treatments for PTSD.

You need to find what works for you. Keep trying until you find your cure.

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