The Truth about Healing Trauma

by Suzanne Grosser

In the late-1990's I experienced a trauma that became a turning point in my life. I am not sharing the details of that ordeal, because this site in not about the past, it is about healing. I have a good life now and I have no desire to live in the past.  That awful event is just not the biggest or most interesting thing about me. Someday, you will feel that way, too.  I know you probably don’t believe that, but it is true. This site is here to help get you there.

I was blessed with a resilient personality. When my world feel apart and I was feeling shattered and broken, I did what I always did when faced with a difficult situation. I treated it as a puzzle and set about solving it.

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Healing my Trauma

Because I am a writer, I  kept a journal. Every day I poured my anger, pain, guilt, self-loathing, and self-righteousness, onto the page. I kept notes of what I was doing to heal. I kept track of what was working and what wasn't.

It was the old days, before the internet, so I went to the library to do research. Okay, I am still a big fan of libraries – and have an active card for more than one – lucky me! But I digress. I read everything about PTSD I could find. Most of it was dry and boring. There was good information in there, but there was a lot of technical, totally non-helpful information that I had to weed out. I kept notes. It was all very heavy and very depressing – not what I needed at that time in my life.

My sense of humor rebelled against all this angst.  That's when I started my own laugh therapy.

Then I did more research. I went beyond the PTSD literature and investigated personal development, life improvement, and self-help topics.

I tried different treatments. Some helped. Some didn't. I created my own healing exercises. I encourage you to do the same. Whenever possible I have included my personal experiences with different therapies on this website.  Follow your own instincts as you explore what works for you.

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My New Life

I put my life back together. I was happy. I had made some big changes and I was proud of me for being so brave and strong.  Then the events of September 11, 2001 shocked an entire nation.  The tragedy seemed to freeze so many people in fear.  They did not know how to rebuild their shattered worldview.  They were suffering from post traumatic stress.

I had never intended to share my recovery story. It was much too personal. But people were hurting and lost and had  no idea how to heal. I wanted to help. I pulled out my old notebooks and journals.  I found an awesome web hosting company who provide all the tools I needed and this website was born.

Navigating This Site

The navigation column to the left groups the site's pages based on why you are here.

The first group is to help anyone understand PTSD. I cleverly labeled it "Understanding PTSD"   That's for you no matter why you want to learn more about post traumatic stress disorder.

The second group is for people who want to help someone with PTSD. You see how cleverly I labeled it!  If  a loved one is suffering, this is where you want to start. And thank you for caring enough to want to help.

The third group, with an equally clever label, is for people suffering from PTSD. These pages are designed to help you find your path to healing. So that someday you  too can say, "that trauma is not the biggest or most interesting thing about me."

Whatever role PTSD plays in your life, you will find helpful information and some unique ideas here.  Click around a while!  Use the search box at the top of the page to find specific topics. 

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 This site is fueled by gratitude - and chocolate.

 Toss a candy bar my way!

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